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Building a Patient Health Form in Forms for Salesforce

Brittany Griffith
December 14, 2022
Min Read

Are you a Salesforce user?

If so, we have some great news to share with you! 

First, did you know that customers using Forms for Salesforce report saving an average of 20 hours per week? Organizations in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and education are getting back nearly 1,000 hours a year to focus on more impactful work. Whether it’s simplifying daily tasks or eliminating paper processes, Formstack can be used to get more time back in your day. 

Forms for Salesforce is built directly off of your Salesforce data model, making it easy to transform your Salesforce org into a single source of truth. Easily collect and manage information without needing to deal with complex field mappings and syncing of data. Now, onto the even better news: Forms for Salesforce NativeCloud now allows you to build forms using not only child objects, but all grandchild objects - allowing you to go even deeper into your Salesforce data model when building forms.

Grandchild Objects Now Supported in Forms for Salesforce NativeCloud

Creating forms in Salesforce to collect patient, student, client, or customer data just got easier. With support for grandchild objects now in place, Forms for Salesforce Admins have the flexibility they need when setting up data collection processes. This added capability opens up an even wider range of data capture use cases for Forms for Salesforce. This makes it easier than ever to build complex forms that match to your industry data model. 

With grandchild object support in place on all Forms for Salesforce plans, solving for use cases within Health Cloud just got easier. For instance, patient health information forms. Now, when you need fields that can collect data for multiple family members and conditions under a single household, it’s as simple as adding the fields onto a single form. For Education Cloud and Admissions Connect Admins, you can create forms for student scholarship applications and end-of-course surveys.

Building a Patient Health Form in Forms for Salesforce

In this demonstration, we will be creating a digital patient intake form within Forms for Salesforce using grandchild objects. Learn how to securely capture sensitive information, like patient health data, and automatically store that information in Salesforce.

If you’re leveraging Salesforce data models such as HealthCloud, Education Cloud, Admissions Connect, or Financial Service Cloud, our Forms for Salesforce NativeCloud product is a tech stack must have.

What is NativeCloud?

NativeCloud is our Forms for Salesforce plan that allows you to build custom forms to capture information with all data stored and processed local to your Salesforce organization. This option provides the ability to have forms hosted, data processed, and all data stored in your force.com server to follow HIPAA compliance. 

Our NativeCloud plan is a one-of-a-kind offering to customers that offers data governance, data sovereignty, and adheres to the security measures of the force.com site your org is hosted on. This means if your org is hosted in a Salesforce.com server in Canada, data will not leave Canada. All data will be processed and stored within the force.com server that your org is hosted on. This gives your organization better control of data and improves overall data security. 

Are you using our Pro or Starter plans? Check out this Builder’s Blog showing grandchild objects in that instance.

What is a Grandchild Object? 

A grandchild object is an object that is two relationships below from the primary object in your Salesforce data model. It allows users to build powerful, complex Salesforce forms with more fields and relationships by enabling you to create and update multiple records with information captured on a single form. For example, you can collect data for multiple family members and conditions under a single household onto a single form.

The Formstack for Salesforce Difference 

Forms for Salesforce NativeCloud is part of our Formstack for Salesforce offering. This is a powerful all-in-one solution for automating your Salesforce workflows. With the rest of our Formstack for Salesforce product suite, create better experiences for your users and customers, including recurring data collection, automated document generation, digital signature, and data collection optimization. 

Securely capture data using verticalized complex data models with Forms for Salesforce NativeCloud. Learn more about this native Salesforce product or request a demo now to see it in action.


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Brittany Griffith
Brittany is a Product Marketing Manager at Formstack who is dedicated to creating top-tier content for our product releases. When not marketing at Formstack, you can find her hiking, attending concerts, crafting, or spending time with her husband and dogs. Brittany is a proud graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College.
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